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Spring Hike for the 'Midweekers'


In September a group of our Midweek Hikers spent a few days in Magoebaskloof, one of the country's more popular hikes. They then moved on to Haenertsburg, where they joined up with the Haenertsburg 'B' team who treated them kindly, fed them tea and biscuits, and took them on three one-day hikes.  Merle Doctor supplied the photographs.



Magoeba6.jpg Magoeba11.jpg
Magoeba4.jpg Magoeba5.jpg

" And yes, the Transvaal Scottish were in Haenertsburg to open the Spring Fair. 

Hearing the pipes coming out of the mist sent goose pimples up and down my spine.

It was 11am and the mist was still heavy in the air "


magoebas1.jpg Magoebas2.jpg
Magoebas3.jpg Magoebas5.jpg

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