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Members' Photographic Contributions

Brown Hyena at Foothold, taken by Jackie Cilliers

The Gallery

The Hiking Club boasts some very talented photographers,  and what better subject matter than panoramic mountain views,  bubbling streams, veld flowers, leafy forests, the occasional animal or bird,  and of course,  fellow hikers in funny hats.


This space has been created not only for us to share the good photography, but for those who hike, hopefully it will bring back a memory or two, and for those who don’t – perhaps the photographs will be an inspiration to join us sometime.

Enjoy !

Photographer and club member Bryan Lever has a link to our website.  Click on this link,  Bryan Lever Photographer,  and you will be able to see some of the photographs that Bryan has taken at club events and functions.  Bryan also has other interesting items on his website – take a look!

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