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Hiking Trail Information

The Johannesburg Hiking Club strives to offer a wide variety of hikes,  close to home and further afield.

We offer hikes every Sunday, every Wednesday,  and at least one ‘away’ hike each month.

Most of the Sunday and Wednesday hikes take place in the Magaliesberg, one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world, and fortunately for us, reasonably accessible for a day hike. Most venues are inaccessible, except on foot, and many of these are not on dedicated paths but over rough terrain where one rambles, scrambles and ‘bundu bashes’ whilst following the leader.  

The Wednesday hikes often take place closer to home, in the foothills of the Magaliesburg or even in Johannesburg at places like Melville Koppies, the Botanical Gardens and along the Braamfontein Spruit.

In order to make the programme as diverse and interesting as it is, many Sunday hiking trails are on private property, where the JHC obtains permission.  We offer two hikes a month on private property which is owned/partly owned by the Club – Foothold and Castle Gorge.  These areas are quite large and no two hikes are ever the same.

The  ‘away’ hikes take place in areas like the Waterberg, Drakensberg, and Cedarberg mountain ranges, as well as a variety of hikes along the Cape and Natal coasts.  These take place over weekends,  long weekends, and during the Christmas and New Year break.

The pages which follow, give a little insight into what to expect in order that the outing will be more enjoyable.  The hikes are rated by  competent hikers but are by no means 'concrete' as the hike leaders are at liberty to take the trail which they feel will be the most enjoyable for their particular group.

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