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Adventure Hiking

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A Kloofing Hike is held by the JHC once a month on the second Sunday of every month during Summer only. The first hike is in October and the last is in March. We explore the kloofs in the Magaliesberg area some of them being Mhlabatini, Tonquani, Groot Kloof, Dome Pools and Fern Kloof.


You need to wear clothes that you can get wet in e.g. boardshorts, a costume with a shirt over etc. Bring a waterproof bag to put inside your backpack to ensure the contents don’t get wet as you will often need to swim and/or jump into pools with your kit on. The most important item will be your shoes: choose boots, aquashoes or Rockies that have an excellent grip even when wet – most injuries are caused by wearing inadequate shoes so you will enjoy the experience a lot more with the right shoes on! The other regular requirements for a day’s hike are of course 2 litres water, sunscreen, hat, packed lunch, small first aid kit and a change of clothes that you can leave in your car for after the hike.


If you are looking for adventure, are not afraid of heights, enjoy ropework (climbing up and/or down a rope) and abseiling, jumping into pools, boulder hopping, swimming, walking through water, under and over obstacles and are reasonably fit and agile then kloofing is for you!




From April 2009 the JHC will offer an Adventure program throughout the year and in the colder months we will do a variety of adventure trips ranging from rock climbing, abseiling, dry Kloofing, river rafting and zip lining. Again we appeal to people to be fit and agile, wear the right gear and come prepared for a challenge!


Come along and join us for an unforgettable experience, lots of laughs and a good challenge – guaranteed to have you looking forward to the next trip. Check out the program and send an email to [email protected] soonest, as there are a limited number of Hikers allowed on each trip, usually 10-15.

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Canopy Trip

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