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What our Mid-Weekers have been up to lately...

Late 2009 and early 2010

CASTLE  GORGE  -  24 February.   Roger and Jean.  Roger has recently taken over the position of Vice CHairman of the hiking club.  

Castle_Gorge__24_February_09-12.jpg Castle_Gorge__24_February_09-51.jpg
Roger and Jean Roger Mackie - our new Vice Chairman

KHATHLAMPI  -  Place of Our Forefathers.    
This wonderful peice of property used to be a trout farm.  It has 15 springs which feed a number of ponds,  most of which are filled with pink and white water lillies.  
This is where we came upon a three metre python.

Copy_of_Khathlampi-081.jpg Khathlampi-013.jpg
Python Water Lilly

James Smith took a group of us to Pretoria,  where we walked around Melrose House, Burgers Park, Church Square and Capital Theater.   The entrance to the theater is still in good shape, with a restaurant,  but the actual theater is now a parking garage.

Pretoria_two-102.jpg Pretoria_two-199.jpg
Pretoria_two-210.jpg Pretoria_two-236.jpg

SANDOWAAN - overlooking  Hartebeespoort Dam.

Sandawaan_Dec_09-21.jpg Sandawaan_Dec_09-55.jpg

We spent a midweek in February at 'Sibon' in the Umbabat Private Game Reserve. Our hosts were Roger and Zena.

Sibon_14-18_February_2010-471.jpg Sibon_14-18_February_2010-501.jpg

THABA INKWE  -  another favourite.

Thaba_Inkwe_2_Sept_09-26.jpg Thaba_Inkwe_2_Sept_09-53.jpg

TEAK PLACE  -  17 March 2010 
A new venue,  very pretty,  with lunch afterwards.

Teak_Place-087.jpg Teak_Place-099.jpg

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