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Good venue, good food, and lotsa fun!




This year the committee decided that a change of venue was a good idea, and what better place than Segwati Ranch,  about an hour’s drive from Johannesburg, in the foothills of the Magaliesburg. 


Segwati.MD1.jpg Segwati.MD6.jpg
Olga and Yri Olga and Pumpkin

Olga, Yri and their team of helpers prepared a delicious happy hour meal which was enough to feed an army,  and Robbie’s witches brew (secret recipe of bat’s ear and rat’s tail, etc.)  was polished off in no time at all.    Some still had space left for more food and congregated  around the braai,  while others sneaked off to prepare for the night’s activities.  

Segwati.MD2.jpg Segwati.MD3.jpg
Sampling the Witches' Brew Army? No - Hiking Club.


The moon rose in the sky.  Witches and ghouls began slinking  out of the shadows,  and there was a cackling and a screetching and a wailing.  Dark figures whooped around the dying embers, lit eerily by bolts of lightning.  
( Or were they flashlights?)

 Evil looking pumpkins grinned from the sidelines as a lithe little red devil appeared, accompanied by  more screetching and cackling.  (Or was it chuckling?).

Halloween20.jpg Halloween5.jpg
Best dressed lady Best dressed man

 Our MC, Harry, and his able panel of ‘unbiased’  judges deliberated over who  the best dressed man and woman were, and once the formalities were out of the way the party continued into the night,  dampened only by torrents of rain just before midnight.

Halloween11.jpg Halloween16.jpg
Harry WoooOOoooh

The following morning was calm and sunny once again,  the ghouls had disappeared, and only a soggy witches hat remained as evidence of the previous night’s revelry.   Breakfast was a rather subdued affair. 

But hikers are a resilient bunch and soon we were off up the koppies in search of exercise and fresh air, joined by a large group of day hikers who had arrived for the hike and lunch.  The hiking at Segwati is pleasant with a choice of a number of koppies on the property, or more gentle walks among the herds of antelope, wildebeest and zebra.


Back in camp, Ernst was waiting to welcome the weary hikers with a brew of his famous cold tea – very refreshing -  while Olga and her helpers applied the finishing touches to yet another superb meal of fish, chicken and salads, followed by dessert.    We sat in the shade and enjoyed good food and company – a perfect end to a great weekend.  


Segwati.MD4.jpg Segwati9.jpg
Ernst and his wonderful tea Lunch under the trees

Thanks go to all the people who helped to make the weekend such a success!


For more photographs see Halloween

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