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Midwinter Camp and Foothold's 21st Birthday



The Midwinter camp was held at Foothold over the weekend Friday 27 June to Sunday 29 June, and was attended by well over 60 people.  What made it really special this year was the ‘coming of age’ of the venue itself – Foothold.   People started arriving on Friday morning, and by the time the Saturday afternoon festivities began the mood was happy and we were all set to party into the night.


Jean Paetzold baked a great big birthday cake, Olga and Millie produced a mouthwatering spread of snacks, dinner and desserts, and Robbie supplied the gluhwein to ward of the cold.  Fortunately the weather was quite mild for mid-winter,  but the gluhwein went down very well anyway.


A singer was brought in to entertain us in between meals, speeches and presentations.  The poor lady was not really dressed for mid-winter in the Magaliesburg, but hopefully she will be back, if not to sing, then to join us on a hike.


I will not go into too much detail – suffice to say that a good time was had by all. And  for some, the chirping of the early bird the next morning did not sound so sweet!

21st_Foot_Hold_(1).jpg 21st_Foot_Hold_(15).jpg
21st_Foot_Hold_(3).jpg 21st_Foot_Hold_(6).jpg

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