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Willing helpers ...
Friends of Foothold

This is a group of dedicated JHC members who appreciate what the club has and do not want the assets to deteriorate.
These friends gather at the club's monthly Foothold camp to do maintenance and development BUT its not all slog.  Satisfying the appetite of all is of utmost importance so tea and plenty of cake are savoured twice a day.  All breaks are harmoniously enjoyed together with lots of tales and laughter.
The men usually busy themselves with:
·      Cutting the grass and trimming trees
·      Building new additions, e.g. bush showers  
       additional ablution facilities etc.
·      Ensuring sufficient water supply to Hikers Haven by checking 
       pipes, installing a new water supply etc.
·      Checking plumbing, electricity
·      Large painting jobs
·      Keeping access routes to the top as safe as possible by removing 
       loose rocks, endeavouring to stop erosion when necessary by 
       diverting the path a little, etc.
·      In fact what needs attention.

... Preparing cesspit for new ablution block ...

On the other hand, the ladies
·      First and foremost - make sure everybody enjoys tea and cake
·      Keep Hikers Haven clean and tidy
·      Weeding the area around Hikers Haven and trimming trees
·      Checking that the markers on certain routes are visible and 
       weeding as they go along (unfortunately the cows appear to  
       enjoy chewing the markers!!)
·      Small painting jobs, chairs, tables, window frames etc.
·      AND whatever else appears on the list organised by the manager 
After a communal braai everyone spends the evening around the fire before retiring either to their tents or to the comfort of Hikers Haven.
All members are welcome to assist the Friends of Foothold at these monthly camps.