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Sssssssssssnakes Alive !


On Sunday, 3 May, our hikers went to Remhoogte, located on the Southern side of the Magaliesburg, close to the dam.  The hike begins with a gentle walk to the base of the mountain,  after which there is a steep ascent to the escarpment.  Once on top the view of the dam and surrounding mountains and valleys makes the climb worthwhile.   Remhoogte also boasts some shady kloofs.

Our hikers came across this African Rock Python.   The African  Rock Python is a non-venomous snake,  and will wrap itself around it's prey before swallowing it.  They prey mainly on small rodents, however adults will take larger animals and very occasionally humans.   They are known to be bad tempered and quick to bite if harassed - Wikipedia.

Photos by Jackie Cilliers

20090502_(53).JPG 20090502_(63).JPG

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