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Super publicity for ...
75 years of hiking

The following appeared in several of the Caxton's newspapers:




On the 29th of July the Johannesburg Hiking Club, which has more than 400 members from different nationalities, celebrated its 75th Anniversary at Marks Park Sport Club. This venue was transformed into a rustic garden setting creating a warm and cosy ambiance.


The Johannesburg Hiking Club is the only purely hiking club which has existed uninterruptedly for this length of time (the same age as the Empire State Building in New York and the very rare and valuable 1931 Tickey). Although Hiking has been the main catalyst bringing the members together, the camaraderie, which has resulted, is the major reason for the membership going from strength to strength.


On the occasion a 3 Course meal was served, followed by a Cabaret put on by some of the members which created much laughter. After the Cabaret the guests were dancing into the small hours of the morning.


They are now looking forward to the 100th Anniversary !


Anyone interested in sharing our Hiking and camaraderie, please contact our secretary Jean phone/fax 011.462.2993 website

email [email protected]"