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The trails at Suikerbosrand cover a network 66 km, and vary from one to six days.


Cheetah Trail is 4,5 km, taking about 2 hours.



Bokmakierie Trail is 10 km or 7 km, taking between 5 and 7 hours.

Permits should be obtained well in advance for the overnight trail.   Permits for the day walks are available at the visitor's centre.  The informative brochure, with a map obtained at the reserve office, is extremely useful.


Remember to take a hat as there is not much shade, and a full water bottle as there is no permanent water along the route. The terrain is hilly and hikers need to be reasonably fit.

There are 6 overnight huts, each with outdoor cooking area, gas lamps, water, firewood, bunks for 10 hikers.  There is a fully equipped cottage at the main camp for groups.  The visitors centre has some good displays connected to Suikerbosrand and at stated times there are lectures and films.  A well laid out picnic area is available for the use of day visitors and a visit to the Diepkloof farm museum is worthwhile.

The main attractions include a natural area amidst the developed Vaal Triangle, with reintroduced wildlife, 200 species of birds, archaeological relics and ruins and diverse topography.

The Directorate: Nature Conservation of the Gauteng Provincial Government centres its activities in the Johannesburg – East Rand, Vaal triangle and Pretoria areas.
The Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve covers a surface area of 11 583 ha and is named after the Transvaal Sugarbush Protea caffra.
A dominant feature of the reserve is the Suikerbosrand mountain range.  The altitude varies from 1 545 to 1917 m’s above sea level.
The following larger mammal species occur on the reserve.
Eland                                       Zebra
Oribi                                        Grey Rhebuck
Steenbok                                 Kudu
Black Wildebeest                     Springbuck
Common Duiker                       Red Hartebeest
Blesbuk                                   Common Reedbuck
Mountain Reedbuck                 Brown Hyena
Black backed jackal                 Chacma Baboon
Aardwolf                                  Small spotted genet
Porcupine                                Cape Fox
Available activities include:
Day trails:          
Bokmakiere, which varies between 10km and 17km.
Cheetah, which is approximately     4.5km.
Tourist Route:   
The tourist route is a 60-km tarred road that covers a large section of the reserve.  Holhoek picnic site is situated halfway along the route, at which there are braai facilities, running water and toilets.
Visitor services:
All organised groups, be they school groups, youth groups, youth clubs or societies are welcome to inquire about programs that are presented.
                            - Bookings may be done 10 months in advance.
Guided tours are available on request.
Overnight hiking trails:                   
                            - Maximum 10 persons
                            - Minimum 2 persons
                            - Self-guided trails
                            - 6 huts to choose from
                            - You may plan you own route
                            - From one to six nights
                            - Can stay at a hut for one night only.
                            - Firewood R14.00 per night.
Solar panel for lights, showers with warm water, 10 sponge mattresses, enviro-loo toilet and Braai facilities
Utensils:  Kettles,  bucket, 2 pots, an axe

Mountain Bike Trail:
- 11 km tarred road, with some technical skill and stamina required.
 8km off road, a relatively easy off road trail for beginners.
Acknowledgement: Gauteng Provincial Government
Phone 011 904 3930/3/7 or

Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve, Private Bag H616, Heidelberg 2400.