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Easy hiking so near to home ...

This is such an easy hike so close to home. Travelling distance from Constantia Park about 40ks return. Laurentia has been in the Geldenhuys family for generations but over the years the farm has sadly deteriorated.

Easy hiking over very rough terrain as there are no paths and bundu bashing is the only option. Up along protea ridge to one of the first dirt roads in the area which lead out to Pretoria.†† Beautiful views of the Magaliesberg can be enjoyed. Unfortunately the main road can be seen and the traffic heard. Hike to the other side of the ridge where it is peaceful. The area, in general, is infested with blackjacks as well as lots of wattle trees.

There are two streams of the property but the water is not suitable for human drinking due to pollution and the water is extremely murky. ††Itís a pity as swimming opportunities would be endless. A scramble along the river banks is interesting and beautiful in places, just too many blackjacks and fallen wattles.

Laurentia is a short hike, not difficult and should be enjoyed by newcomers providing they have sturdy shoes.