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Recognise anybody in these photos ...
1937 with the JHC's first chairman

What better time than the 75th anniversary of the Johannesburg Hiking Club to reflect back to the 1937 era when Maximilien des Ligneris was the first chairman of the club. These photos have been submitted by Mike des Ligneris, Maximilien's grandson.   Recognise anybody, if so email me: [email protected]

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Mike des Ligneris has sent the JHC a letter and has submitted photos of his grandfather's days with the Johannesburg Hiking Club.  

Easter 1937 Mont-aux-sources - Maximilien sitting down, flanked by ladies!!

Maximilien in the foregound

Maximilien in the background




April 1942 - Hogsback.

Interesting how the 2nd World War reduced the number of hikers left at home.

Hence the preponderance of females.!

1942 Hogsback

13 March 1937 JHC dance at Red Cross Hall

Happy hikers at Bedford farm

Oribi Gorge

Group at Oribi Gorge

Check history under club info on web

1947 newspaper cutting (not too clear)