Who do we cater for ...
The Johannesburg Hiking Club caters for people from all walks of life, as long as a love for the outdoors is dearest to their hearts.  

A certain degree of fitness is required for some of the hikes.

Our programme is structured in order that everyone, from the fittest to the slowest, can enjoy a day out in our lovely countryside.  The regular Sunday hikes incorporate a slow, medium minus, medium plus and a brisk hike so that all levels of fitness can cope with their choice of group.  New comers are urged to join the slow group on their first adventure with the club.

If you feel 'young at heart' then perhaps the youthful group is for you - go for it.  A need was felt to establish this group which has grown since its inception in 2002.

For the lucky, who either do not work or have other committments, there's the more relaxed hiking of the mid week group who hike every second Wednesday.

Due to our varied and diverse programme, one need not only concentrate on the hikes as our social side of the club is full of activities to suit almost everyone.  The slide show/club evening on the second Tuesday of every month, is a social function where one can relax and enjoy other people's interests and hobbies and then chat over tea or coffee with plenty of scrumptious cake.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Johannesburg Hiking Club.

Jean Williams
011 462 2993

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