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Long service award, due for retirement ...

My name is Leonard:  I live in the cottage at Foothold.  Am over 50 years old, have lost my glossy appearance, am short and fat and am very noisy.  My door doesn’t close properly anymore and my veggie drawer is rusty and home to spiders and other creepy crawlies.


Most of the time I am idle, but come the work/tea party weekends, I am plugged in, switched on and with a rumble, grumble, moan and groan my motor gets into action.


I am filled with beer, wine, milk, cool drinks and a huge variety of food, of which I have to care for and keep cool.  Then its open-close, open-close my door and I start to clackerty clack, just like a train on a railway track.


At night, I make such a noise that those of you trying to sleep upstairs, cannot sleep, so I get switched off and often in the morning, you forget to switch me on again, so the ice melts, my bottom is full of water and the contents warmed up. 


I think it is time to retire me and be replaced by a tall, slim, shiny, glossy model and you know, a quiet type, so until then, I will clackerty clack, clackerty clack.


Jean Paetzold