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New year weekend at Foothold

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New year weekend at Foothold – whose who?


Friday 30 December:  ‘twas a rainy night – so we were all indoors.

Who was so generous with tots of whisky and liqueurs?  Who went upstairs to bed and was ‘spirited’ away around midnight, never to be seen or heard of again?


Saturday, 31 December: The weather had cleared up and people started arriving – to pitch tents or claim a bed in the house.


Who was the lovely blond from Durbs who experienced her first bush shower?

Much amusement was caused by the walking stick with built on bell, torch, bottle of brandy and a fully equipped urinal.  Who presented this and who was the receiver?


The lawnmowers were on strike and needed a lot of work to get them back into action.  Then lots of work cutting the long grass around the camp sites, the main grass area and the bird walk.  Who were these hard workers? – well done to you.


A very nice gentleman showed us wonderful photos of flowers and scenery on his computer and the goings on at the Christmas camp.  Who was he?


An energetic lady was collecting cans and removing the ring tops the whole weekend?  Who was she?


A group of youngsters had a great time playing petanque?  Who were they?


A very sociable cocktail party was organised with wonderful snacks and drinks.  Many thanks to the organiser – who?


Tables were set with cloths and candles, braais lit in preparation for the evenings new year party.  Lots of chatting and drinking.   Who saved a frog from braaing itself?


Just before midnight, there was a lot of noise to summon everyone to join in the fun – who were the culprits?


The music for the dancing was very varied – from rock and roll to ‘strangers in the night’, but there were no strangers – only friends.  Thanks to you know who for all the effort.


Sunday, 1 January 2006.  After much hugging and kissing at midnight, a well known and liked gentleman made a sincere, if somewhat jumbled, speech – we all know who that was.  A very happy 2006 to you with lots of hiking.


Banging of saucepans, ringing of bells at 02h00 to welcome in the English new year – who could be responsible for going around the campsite making such a noise?  In the process, who got wet from irate campers trying to get some sleep – all done with a new year spirit!!


An enormous water melon was brought by one of the hike leaders for us all to enjoy – guess who?


A very elegant lady displayed the latest footwear designed for river crossings.  Easy to guess who.


Who was braaing bacon for the champagne breakfast (oh, that divine smell!).


Those who went hiking, had a great day with a good leader – who?


Who lead the Sunday evening sing song?



Monday, 2 January: We all know who was the last to leave Foothold after all the cleaning and tidying up.  Thanks for all your dedication and hard work.


Who made the weekend so special?  All of us being together.


Written by: you know who