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What is required ...

Aspirant members are required to hike with the club on three occasions.  These three hikes should take place within three months. 
You simply go to the meeting place designated in the programme, (you do not need to book or telephone) ask the leader of the day for an application form.
When the hike is completed, ask the hike leader to sign the form.  When you have completed three hikes, have the form signed by a proposer, and a member of the executive committee.  (Ask for help if you have not met one.) 
You then sign the indemnity, and submit the form to the club administrator, with the required fees.
The reason behind the three hikes before membership is to be certain of compatibility - both whether you like us and we like you.
The fees are:
Entrance Fee: 
R 180.00
R 180.00
R 90.00
Annual Subscription: 
R 180.00
R 270.00
R 90.00
Total (1st year): 
R 360.00
R 450.00
R 180.00