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Watch your foot ...
Footloose Gully route

The existence of a hiking route through the cliffs was a pre-requisite to the club’s purchase in 1987 of the property now known as Foothold.  No such route was found on the property, but a magnificent gully (later named Footloose) existed nearby on the property of our friendly neighbour who agreed to allow the club the use of it.
This cleft in the cliff face is accessed from the camp by using the same main path as for the more recently introduced chain ladder gully route up to a point near the cliffs where a bifurcation takes place, left for Footloose, right for the ladder.  On reaching the cliff face the route turns left along its base for five to ten minutes of easy scrambling, before it turns right and up into the gully which is long and steep, though not too difficult but which often contains loose stones which, if disturbed can be hazardous to climbers below.  Care must be exercised here.
The main path up to the cliffs slopes gently initially then steepens quite dramatically in places as it penetrates the shading forest.  The unprepared hiker may require as much as an hour and a half, including rests to get to the top of the gully, an overall climb of about 350mr. over a distance of 2,25km.  A welcome break is usually taken here on the cliff edge which offers a fine view of the surrounding countryside and the forest and camp below.
Though not as spicy as the ladder gully, the Footloose gully route is a rewarding and picturesque scramble through pristine nature.