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Camaraderie at monthly camps ...

"Foothold", the property of the Johannesburg Hiking Club nestled at the foot of the Magaliesberg mountains, is a venue for monthly weekend gatherings of hiking club members and their guests.

  Originally instituted for the maintenance of the cottage ("Hiker's Haven") and the surrounding property. Over the years, these get-togethers have created a wonderful feeling of companionship and enjoyment among the participants, all of whom, whether inclined to lend a hand or not, are most welcome.

  Tasks seem not at all onerous as one chats and jokes with old friends and new friends.

Certain events have become a tradition e.g the morning tea break with LOTS of cake (Did someone say "I only EVER eat cake at Foothold"?), and the evening gathering and braai around the camp fire.

In the late afternoon,  bird-watching enthusiasts can often be seen relaxing under the trees outside the cottage,  watching through binoculars the many varieties of birds using the nearby perennial rock birdbath. 

Sundowners are enjoyed as the fire is lit and one discusses plans - hikes and tasks - for the next day, and exchanges news and experiences over the past month. 

One can listen to the cries of jackals and sometimes baboons and observe the moon and stars in the clear night sky. 

Eventually, one leaves the warmth of the campfire and conversation to scuttle off to the privacy of one's tent or (not so private but comfortable) accommodation in Hiker's Haven.