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Zigzag your way up ...

The Mokabi  hike is on a farm on the north west side of Magliesberg range. Hugo Behrens, of German descent, bought the property in 1976 for its unspoiled beauty and over the years developed the Mokabi trail. Many dedicated labour hours were spent developing the successive zigzag terraces of quartzite, with abrupt left and right turns to the crest of the mountain, which was expressly done to observe and admire the fauna and flora. Sonnets, songs and endearing rhymes were submitted by various nature loving personalities in his community at Kroondal and subsequently inscribed in granite by German stonemasons at the local village workshop. These were transported and hauled into vantage positions along the trail for maximum exposure. Pathways and resting benches were laid.
 To-day the farm is still run by the descedants of the family who have allowed the Johannesburg Hiking Club to do day walks. The hike starts in an orange orchid and winds its way through indigenous bush with resting places on the way.  The path zigzags through the bush and after about half an hour one comes out onto side of the mountain.
From here one is exposed to the sun and some times it can be quite hot especially during summer. Once at the top there are two routes to take; one is to head eastwards around the crater towards Retiefs Kloof and the other is to head west towards Olifantsnek dam, providing the relevant permits are obtained.
While walking along the top one can see Rustenberg Kloof and the surrounding area. For the strenuous hikers, there's Fern Kloof or the area above Retiefs Kloof.