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Which group should I take ...

Day hikes - slow, medium-, medium+ and brisk

These relate to the walking speed and are described as follows:

Slow:        an easy pace with frequent short rests

Medium-:   faster than slow with fewer rests

Medium+:  less frequent rests and faster than medium-

Brisk:        strenuous - for the energetic and very fit athletic hiker.

Please note that the interpretation of the ratings will inevitably vary from one leader to the next.  It should also be noted that although some hikes are executed on good paths over gentle undulating terrain, most hikes which are undertaken in the Magaliesberg, are over rough and steep terrain without paths, adding considerably to the difficulty of the hike.  Caution must be exercised when choosing a rating in order that the full enjoyment may be gained from a hike and that a group is not burdened with a hiker unable to maintain the group pace. Obviously the length of hike depends on terrain.

The hike will last approximately 6 hours including stops so take a picnic lunch. If a post hike braai is scheduled, the hike will last 4-5 hours.

Backpacking trails
Easy,  moderate,  strenuous

These ratings relate to the length and elevation gain of the most arduous day, the number of arduous days and the overall duration of the trail.

Thus a 25km two-day trail over moderate terrain would rate EASY.  A six day trek up to the top of the Drakensberg escarpment, along it and down again would rate STRENUOUS.

Check out the ratings in the programme.

Base camp/trails
Easy,  moderate,  strenuous

Week ends away are rated according to the terrain over which the trails pass and the lengths of the trails but are usually not strenuous.

Check out the ratings in the programme.