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Oh for a cool swim ...
Bergheim Resort

This is one of the furthest venues in the Magaliesberg, but well worth the trip.
Bergheim has a caravan park and camping sites, and boasts a large swimming pool and braai areas, making it a perfect venue for the hot sunny days.
From the Bergheim camping grounds the paths head toward the mountains.†
If one follows the beautiful rock strewn stream for some distance one hikes into a deep gorge until you can almost tough both sides of the mountain.† The hiker has the option of climbing up either the left hand or right hand side of the gorge, both being rather tricky.† When there is plenty of water, one is required to wade through the rock pools and climb over large boulders.
The brisk hikers normally go straight up the vertical slope, and can go to various areas, such as Fern Kloof, and can almost do a traverse to Foothold, which is on the south side of the mountain.
The terrain is rugged and itís a steep ascent to the ridge but it is worthwhile.
There are other kloofs and gullies to explore, with the slower group taking a more gradual route to the top, and having lunch at the cool pools.
Once the top is reached, the terrain evens out and becomes much easier.† As with most hikes in the Magaliesberg, there are lovely views all around, with spectacular rock formations to be seen.†
On the ridge a beautiful stream provides an ideal place for a rest, something to nibble and maybe even a swim.
After a relaxed lunch, the descent gets easier as the thought of swimming in the resorts pool and joining in a braai, lure one down.
What can be more pleasant than having a social braai and swim with your fellow friends over a cool drink after a lovely hike.