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Hikers make the JHC ...

This should prove an interesting and popular page.  If you have good photos of fellow hikers, please submit them for insertion on this page.

Email to [email protected]  for publication. Double click for enlargement.

Bartletts Farm October. Photo Robbie MacDonald

The youngest hiker in the fast group? Angelo showing Michaela (10 months) that the brisk group can be fun. Oct 2005 Photos Sue Desmond

Helping hand at Castle Gorge: lunch at Humdinger Pools, Foothold: lunch at Fountain Gully. Photos Dave Richardson

Hikers on the way from Foothold to the chain ladder. Photo Dave Richardson

Lunch break at Piranha Pools, Castle Gorge: Man eating chicken: Rest after climbing chain ladder, Foothold. Photos Dave Richardson

Snack break, Castle Gorge. Photo Dave Richardson