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How the wind howled ...
Foothold August camp

The August Foothold monthly camp proved that hikers should always have a wind breaker or jersey with them. Seasoned hikers were caught unprepared - check out the recommendations and precautions.

Sunday morning dawned with low cloud over the whole Magaliesberg range. Everybody arrived for a good days hiking. It was fresh at Foothold but nothing which would stop the JHC hikers. 3 different groups of hikers were formed and all headed off for the chain ladder. One group split: some going up the ladder others made their way up Footloose Gully but all met at the top of the mountain.

Well, the strong cold wind blew right through one. The previous month, a fire had burnt all vegetation and the black bits were blowing into the eyes, sticking to your clothes. In fact, it was very unpleasant.

More than half the medium group then decided to retreat as enough was enough. This small group past the slow group who had just summitted up the chain ladder jubilation as one lady managed it for the first time. The path was taken below the escarpment along the side of the cliff, which was very pleasant as we were sheltered from the wind. Back on top for a short distance, where the wind was howling and blowing like mad, as we made out way to Jubilee Gap for a respite from the wind and a pleasant hike back to Foothold.

Thanks to all concerned for a great day.