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Picture gallery

This is 'your' gallery so please submit your photos, with suitable captions, in electronic format (pics in .jpg,) to  [email protected]  for publication.

The photo gallery is something everyone loves to ponder through but it is dependent upon submission of relevant photos from members.  As you can see our members are interested in submitting their photos - a good response so far.

If the response continues, then a picture gallery, where you upload your own photographs, will be utilised.   The aim of the Johannesburg Hiking Club is to keep up with the times.  By following a simple process, you will insert the photos into the gallery yourself.  That's modern technology for you.

Check out the following site to see what great effect a good photo gallery has for a club and by following simple instructions, your 'masterpieces' can be displayed and rated.
Link: MCSA 

Look forward to receiving comments on a 'modern' photo gallery: [email protected]

Enjoy browsing these pages.

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