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Jubilee Gap

Jubilee Gap was found and the route established just before the 60 anniversary celebration camp at Foothold in 1991 and was used officially for the first time at that camp, hence its name.

This route takes you out of the main Foothold gate back along the entrance road, along Heapís Way and then left at the red markers along a farm path. Make sure all gates are left as they are found (request from farmer for the safekeeping of cattle.) Walk along the path through a few gates and then follow the red markers to the left which take you gently up a rocky path. Watch out for the pile of rocks where the path splits, left takes one up Jubilee Gap and right is Marjean Pass.

This leads through an opening in the bush prior to entering a forest, a respite from the summer sun. Listen to the variety of birdsongs or the bark of baboons as one enters craggy krantzes where rocks are covered in velvety moss. Various wooden poles assist the hiker up the steep incline as the way gets a little tougher and the forest gets thicker.† Admire the rich and healthy soil through the forest and then clamber over rocks and boulders at the base of the gap.

There is a rope/chain to assist one up and down the gap but with a stretch of the legs and a push or pull by fellow hikers, the crest is reached. Stop to pick out the route you have just hiked or relax and take in the splendour of the horizon.

From the crest a myriad of eroded nooks and crannies demand exploration amongst the weird and wonderful boulders, potholes and trickling streamlets which await the keenest of hikers.