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Birds and insects paradise ...
This group consists of those trees and plants indigenous to the area and those selected are randomly picked from a vast list.

Listen to the bees as they buzz around the flowers or†to the calls of the various birds who eat the fruits.† The large succulent roots are chewable†and during winter†be in awe†at the greyish†carpet†as the leaves are shed.††Touch the rough bark, the soft fruits†and strong leaves.

Latin name
Cussonia paniculata (paniculata refers to the branched flower heads)
Common name
Cabbage Tree, Kiepersol
Along the eastern side of the country, usually on rocky slopes.
Leaf: †Compound, hand shaped, 7 to 9 leaflets all grow from the same point on the leaf stem.†† Margin is coarsely toothed.† 600mm.
Flowers †(January to April) green-yellow densely packed on branched stalks.
Fruit †(May to June).† Small purple berry like fruit, tightly packed on spikes.† Fruit 6mm.
Definitely not, but they donít look tempting.
Water can be obtained from the fibrous roots.
Garden uses
Makes a good accent plant that is frost and drought resistant.
Used for brake blocks for ox wagons.