Rules of the JHC

  1. Hikers must follow the instructions of the appointed leader and must remain with the main party, unless the leader has agreed to a splinter group controlled by a nominated sub-leader. Carry your medical aid card or details with you at all times.

  2. No fires may be lit. (Except at designated sites, and with the permission of the hike leader only, and must be extinguished completely before leaving the site.)

  3. All litter must be carried away.

  4. No uprooting of plants or picking of flowers is permitted, and care must be taken to avoid damaging trees, fences or private property.

  5. Dogs and radios are not allowed on hikes or at camps.

  6. Anyone under the age of 18 years who attends a hike, must be the responsibility of a nominated member.

  7. Nude bathing can be offensive. Please exercise discretion.

  8. All behaviour likely to bring discredit to the name of the club, is to be avoided.

Sunday Hikes

There is no need to book for Sunday hikes - just arrive at the meeting place (Check the full programme) on a Sunday morning.

Important Information

The following are all relevant to the programme, so please read through carefully.

Meeting place
C Constantia Park (parking outside Gateview House)
F Fourways Mall, Game
B Bookable Event (Booking required prior to event, Members receive preferential bookings)
Time 07h45
Return time Varies – usually before 17h30
Note On occasions hikes meet earlier or later, please consult the programme
* Leader of the day
# Co-leader
Charges These are shown in the programme with the non-member charge in brackets
Fee Fee indicated is per person, approximate and based on 4 in vehicle
Rating Every Sunday there are the following groups:
Level 4
Level 3
Level 2
Level 1
Restrictions Certain events are subject to restricted numbers and are identified in the programme as R. followed by the number of people permitted
Swimming This is often possible – pack a swimsuit

Meeting Spots

The meeting place for Sunday hikes is marked under 'meet' in the programme by a 'C' for Constantia Park, 'F' for Outside Fourways Game, or a 'B' for a bookable event.

Constantia Park - Map & Coordinates


Take the 14th avenue offramp from the highway and make your way to the on ramp to Hendrik Potgieter in a northerly direction. After about 250mt turn right at the first robot, go under Hendrik Potgieter and into Constantia Park. The JHC parking area is outside Gateview House, which is the second office block to the left.

pdf, 533.5K, 06/20/12, 205 downloads

Fourways Mall, Game - Map & Coordinates


Take William Nicol in a northerly direction, pass the Monte Casino on your right. Go under the Witkoppen Road bridge, and turn left at the next robot, towards Fourways Mall. Carry on straight, over the first robot, and turn left at the following robot. Game is on the right hand side, The JHC meeting area is in the parking lot outside Game.

pdf, 490K, 06/20/12, 100 downloads

Recommendations & Precautions


On hikes in the Magaliesberg, the temperatures experienced are somewhat hotter than in Johannesburg and can vary considerably during the course of the day. This can cause heat exhaustion and other exposure problems. The terrain hiked across is often very rocky with tall grass and there are few footpaths.

Swimming is often possible so pack a swimsuit.


Carry a minimum of 2litres of water and drink sufficiently during the hike
Wear an effective hat.
Use a high UV protection sunscreen lotion/
Carry rain gear and a jersey in both summer and winter – during a thunderstorm the temperature can drop by as much as 10 degrees Celsius.
Wear strong suitable footwear that will provide traction and support the ankles (lace tightly).
Walk with care to prevent injury.
Know who your leader is, and follow him/her. DO NOT leave the group without the leader’s permission.
Carry a whistle to alert your fellow hikers in case you become separated from the group.

Hike Ratings

In general there are 5 different categories:

Hike on hilly and rough terrain but with frequent stops. Suitable for first time hikers although some degree of fitness is required
Comfortable pace over rough terrain with fewer stops. Suitable for those who hike less frequently.
Quicker pace over more rugged terrain less frequent stops. Suitable for reasonably fit hikers.
Unlimited kms.
Brisk pace over difficult terrain, few stops. Suitable for fit and strong hikers.
ADVENTURE: Over various types of terrain. Suitable for hikers that are not afraid of water or heights.

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