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Kindly download the application form below, read carefully, complete where appropriate and forward to the administrator, details on form.
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Kindly download the Membership Renewal form, read it carefully, and complete where appropriate. Forward to the administrator - you will find her details on the form.
The Johannesburg Hiking Club caters for people from all walks of life who have a love of the outdoors.

Hiking is a sport that requires a reasonable level of physical fitness which should be attained beforehand.

Our programme is structured in order for everyone, from the fittest to the slowest, to enjoy a day out in our lovely countryside. The regular Sunday hikes incorporate a slow, medium minus, medium plus and a brisk hike so that all levels of fitness can cope. Newcomers are required to join the slow group on their first adventure with the club.

For the more adventurous there is an Adventure group, but this requires fitness and experience.

For those fortunate enough to have Wednesdays free, there is a more relaxed midweek hike which takes place every Wednesday.

Due to our varied and diverse programme, one need not concentrate only on the hikes as our social side of the club is full of activities to suit almost everyone. The slide show/club evening on the second Tuesday of every month, is a social function where one can relax and enjoy other people's interests and hobbies and then chat over tea or coffee with plenty of scrumptious cake.

Membership Requirements

What is required?

Aspirant members are required to hike with the club on one occasion before applying for membership.

You simply go to the meeting place designated in the programme, (you do not need to book or telephone) ask the leader of the day for an application form, or download the application form to the right.

When the hike is completed, ask the hike leader to sign the form, and then have the form signed by a member of the executive committee. (Ask for help if you have not met one.)

You then sign the indemnity, and submit the form to the club administrator, with the required fees.

The reason behind the one hike before membership, is for you to ascertain whether you really enjoy hiking, and for both parties to be certain of compatibility, and where you will fit in with the club, be it on the slow, medium or faster hikes.

Hiking is for all age groups, from the moment you're able to take your first steps as a child, to the elderly...

Subscription Fees

Annual subscriptions are due and payable on 1 January each year.

New members are required to pay an Entrance Fee in addition to the Annual Subscription.

Entrance Fee Annual Subscription Fee
Single Member R296 R296
Family R296 R444
Student R148 R148

The various activities incur a charge - kindly check the programme for the cost of the various hikes, cost of petrol if sharing a lift, and any other costs which may be mentioned.

Visitors are required to pay a VISITORS FEE for each hike, trail or camp they attend, in addition to the normal event and transport fees. These fees are shown in the programme.

Members get preference over visitors when booking camps, trails and number-restricted Sunday hikes.

More information, contact the club administrator - details can be found on the right.

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Contact Us

Marion Hüfner
Telephone Number:
010 590 1903
086 685 5746
Monday - Friday (08:30 - 12:30 CAT)
[email protected]
P.O. Box 4892,
Weltevreden Park

South Africa
Website Queries:
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(Ryan de Haast)

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