How long are the hikes on Sunday?

A guesstimate for the slow group would be about 7-9km.

How fit should I be?

Obviously one needs a certain degree of fitness BUT the more you hike the fitter you become. Newcomers are encouraged to go with the slow group on their first hike.

What foot wear is best?

Footwear must provide good traction, support, be comfortable, strong and able to protect your feet from sharp rocks. Your choice of footwear is a personal one. It is recommended you consult one of the specialist suppliers.

What daypack do you recommend?

Your Day Pack must be large enough to hold everything you will need on your day hike, fully adjustable and well padded. It is recommended you consult one of the specialist suppliers.

What do I need to pack in my daypack?

At least 2 litres of water / Energade. High energy snacks, nuts & raisens, bananas etc. plus a picnic lunch. Personal medication/first aid kit. Rain gear. Sun screen. Whistle. Toilet paper. Remember you will be carrying all of this for 6 hours so it should be as light as possible.

Is there any rock climbing involved?

Not actual rock climbing but not all hiking routes are on paths. There will be some bundu bashing, maybe a chain ladder or a gully which requires some pulling up and over rocks.

What age groups do you cater for?

The JHC caters for all age groups. We encourage families with children over 8 to join in on kiddies hikes. There is a youthful section which caters for the ‘younger hiker’. It’s not the age that matters, it’s the camaraderie.

Should I wear longs or shorts?

Long pants and sleeves prevent scratches and provide protection from the sun. Shorts are probably more comfortable and cooler, it’s your decision.

Do you hike if it's raining?

The JHC advises you carry rain gear at all times. Very keen hikers hike in all weathers.

How do I become a member of the JHC?

You can print out a Membership Form directly from this web site or you can request a form from the leader of the day at Constantia Park. You must complete three qualifying hikes and have the form filled in after each hike and signed by your leader. The completed form must be submitted to our administrator.

How much will it cost?

All hiking fees are noted in the Programme in brackets, and must be paid on signing the register at the meeting spot. The membership fees can be located under JHC Community > Membership and are paid annually.

How frequently do you hike?

There are local hikes every Sunday and Wednesday throughout the year, plus weekend hikes, camps and much more. Please refer to our programme.

How do I join a Sunday hike?

We either meet outside Gate View House, Constantia Park, Hendrik Potgieter, Constantia or Fourways Mall Game at 07h45 (please check the programme for a F - Fourways Mall or C - Constantia Park on the programme) - see Hiking & Social activities > Sunday Hikes. Introduce yourself to the leader of the day, complete the register, pay your day fee and ask for a lift (if you require one).

How do I travel to the hiking venue?

Advise the leader that you require or can give a lift. He will then organise that you get or give a lift. The petrol fees for lifts are noted in the programme and are payable to the driver. If you prefer to travel in your own vehicle but are not sure of how to get to the venue ask the leader to organise a convoy.

How safe is hiking?

As with any out door activity there is some risk of injury, usually of a minor nature. However we recommend that you inform the leader of any medical problems you may have, and always carry your medical aid card with you.

What time do we get back to Constantia Park?

On a Sunday hike, it is usually before 17h00.

Where can I buy hiking gear?

There are a number of excellent specialist suppliers of hiking gear in the Johannesburg area such as Cape Storm, Drifters, Ventures for Africa, and Cape Union Mart. Not only will you get expert advice on all your hiking requirements, they also offer JHC members a discount on presentation of a valid membership card.

Where and when can I get the programme?

The programme is published quarterly in advance and an abbreviated version can be found on the website under Programme. There is an icon for the full programme on the right side, which is an adobe PDF document, for printing.

Are pets allowed on a hike?

No, unfortunately not

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