Adventure Hike

Fern Kloof
14 October 2012

The weather did not look promising, lots of clouds, mild temps and rain in the air but 10 of us kitted up for the day’s kloofing adventure having been primed that this was the hardest kloof we do in the Magaliesberg. After a short walk to the start of the kloof we donned our helmets and got into the rhythm of walking from rock to rock, through water, clambering over boulders till the first big pool where we had to swim across in full kit with backpacks. Chilly!
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The adrenaline kicked in and from there on the weather was forgotten, we all just focussed on the obstacles ahead, pushing ourselves to deal with the challenges often laughing and joking as we clambered, crouched, pulled ourselves up ropes, scrambled, dangled and sweated to the halfway goal at the top of the kloof where we enjoyed our lunch break in the beautiful Fern Kloof – AND the weather was perfect! After lunch we now faced the very different challenge of going down the kloof and doing all the obstacles the other way around! First the dreaded “Tree”, then the “Slippery Slope”, others followed like climbing down tree roots and ropes over large boulders until we reached the big pool and ended our adventure with the swim back. Helmets off and we headed for the cars parked at Bergheim, all knowing that we would sleep well that night and looking forward to the next kloof.


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Article By: Tracey May
Photos By: Dag Marcus Eide (Additional Photos)

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