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Easter at Didima Camp


Easter Camp 10 – 13 April 2009


This year’s Easter camp was a great success.  Unlike the previous 2 years, the weather was perfect.  There was a bit of mist on the top of the mountains to daunt those who wanted to stretch their hiking ability to the limit, but for most of us, the lower slopes were clear and many took the chance to relax and enjoy the setting, or go on gentle hikes.


Didima is a very beautiful, well run camp.  We were advised not to leave food in our tents in case of baboon raids, but other than that, the place was very secure with guards patrolling all the time.  I went for a walk up to Cathredal Peak Hotel and saw a troop of about 20 baboons, but they did not come near the camp while we were there.  The ablutions were very clean and there was abundant hot water – all very luxurious for hikers used to roughing it.


Jean put on a delicious spread for Happy Hour the first night, and Robbie was a wonderful leader, as usual – thanks so much to these two wonderful people.


I particularly enjoyed the camp as my son, Bruce, and grandson, Jaedon were visiting from the UK.  Jaedon had a lovely time in the South African sunshine playing with all the other children, and special thanks to Sarah and Bengt who took him to play put put and welcomed him into their fold.


Bruce, who is a full time magician in the UK, entertained the campers with a bit of magic.  He came with me on a few hikes, and he knew the area well, as a result of hiking in the Berg during his school days at Treverton.  Despite being a bit frail after the chemo, I managed to do a 3 hour hike to Blue Pools – the hiking legs never forget how to step over rocks and climb up hills.


A few of us went to see the tribal dancing before the dinner at Didima chalets.  The dinner was delicious, if a bit expensive at R140.  The fast group were a bit late, as they only came down the mountain after dark – this seems to be a fast group characteristic.  However they made it safely and enjoyed the meal.


Monday was spent in a fairly relaxed manner and quite a few of us ended up at Cathredal Peak Hotel for lunch.  The hotel retains a lot of the colonial splendour and the gardens are beautiful. 


All in all it was a very enjoyable Easter camp, which catered for all. 


Jenny Munton

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