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Dense yellowwood forests & spacious plateaus ...

Amatola hiking trail

The Amatola Trail starts at Maden Dam, approximately 23 km from King William's Town, and ends 3 km from Hogsback. The Amatolas are a deceptive range - hikers must fully immerse themselves in the dense yellowwood forests and spacious plateau, with the enormous specimens of indigenous trees, spectacular waterfalls, cool, clear bathing pools and rushing trout streams, to fully appreciate their beauty.

The trail is strenuous and requires a high level of fitness, although there are optional 'escape' routes along the way. Parking is available at Maden Dam, Dontsa, Cata and Zingcuka forest stations, with numerous exit and entrance link paths from the forest stations. This means that the trail can be done in a series of shorter walks or weekend trails, and two loop trails (in the Pirie and Zingcuka forests) located at either end of the trail.

The first day is a 15-km hike from Maden Dam to the overnight hut at