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A case of mistaken identity ...
Ama poot-poot hiking trail

Cry wolf, or should I say swallow.
11-13 November 2005


Ama poot-poot hiking trail description.


Had you been able to observe, just as the Eland did from the far slope, you’d have noticed a trail of hikers emerge from a valley and appear above a cliff. The group would’ve milled around, and you’d have heard nothing as a gentle breeze carried the two words ‘blue’ and ‘swallow’ away over the rocky outcrop. But, even if you hadn’t heard the words, you would certainly have witnessed the frantic rush to the edge of the cliff, and then arms flapping and fingers pointing enthusiastically as swallows swooped and dived in a fantastic aerial display.


You’d have laughed heartily as the farmer was later consulted about his rare ‘blue swallows’, which were none other than their cousin, the quite un-rare whitethroated swallow! You would definitely have discerned a quick rising of egg, or should I say red, on the face of a certain hiker.


And so the theme for the weekend was set.


Now, had we done the shorter trail on Saturday with Alison, none of the above would have happened.  With just a single pair of binoculars between us, and none of us knowledgeable enough to correct our bloopers, we strolled on innocently, renaming the entire antelope and bird families!


It was only Alison’s nature library, conveniently kept in the boot of her car, and her gentle correction which brought sanity to the Garden of Eden experience.


And Garden of Eden experience it was! Days were filled with Black wildebeest, Zebra, Eland, Blesbok, Springbuck, termite mounds, fresh aardvark spoor, sheep and cattle, rivers, gorges, waterfalls, trees, trout dams and birds. And evenings were spent around the campfire with night skies and scrub hare, talking and sharing and laughing.


From those who were experiencing their first weekend hike to those who have been members for many years, thank you for cherished memories of Ama poot-poot.


By Susan Delport