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Roaming Roland at ...
River Kwai

Kanchanaburi - March

Quite a few of you will remember the war movie staring Sir Alec Guiness and William Holden Bridge over the River Kwai, but this movie was not made any where near here, in fact in Sri Lanca in 1953.


The bridge here is made of concrete and steel and was completed in 1945  Most tourists conned in to believing it is the original - alas - who am I to condem the Thais making a quick buck, the whole worlds doing it!

I am at present overlooking the Kwai River, from my room.   2 big cold singha beers, chicken salad , bagette, fish and chips dinner, bacon eggs breakfast 405 baht just over US$10  - how do they make money ?


+10000 PoW, Dutch and English died building this line from Nong Pladuk in Thailand to Thanbukuzayat in Burma.  Most of them died from disease and malnutrition.


The cemetery here is spotless and maintained by the commonwealth war crimes commission, paying tribute to those who suffered the ultimate sacrifice.


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