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Welcome ... to the official web trail of the Johannesburg Hiking Club. We trust you will enjoy this journey with us.

Mission statement ...of the Johannesburg Hiking Club is to ensure and organise a continuing programme of hikes and hiking related events, and to foster a sense of responsibility towards the environment within which its hiking activities take place.

Take a hike...interested?Meet like minded outdoor and conservation orientated people who wear heavy boots and smell like the mountain air. Youthful, midweek and Sunday hikes, backpacks, base camp weekends, slide show/club eve and social events. Hiking in South Africa can be fun - try us!
Masked ball identity ...
2004 annual dinner dance

This event was a roaring success. The masked ball was held on Saturday, 4 December 2004 at the Sunnyside Park Hotel. 

Testimony of the evening can been seen by taking a look at the photos.