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Allan Lill is a mechanical engineer who has been involved with the club for more than 23 years.  Blyde River Canyon is his favourite hike with the worst experience being hiking in Suikerbosrand in a hailstorm.  (Not sure whether he was more worried about his head being battered or his car back in the parking lot!!)  His best hiking experience was reaching the top of the Drakensberg for the first time in High School.  Surely many of us can relate to the exhilaration of first cresting those peaks. Reading and hiking are his interests. Royco pasta and sauce is his favourite hiking meal.  

Beth Hackland is an accountant and joined the club in1990.  Her favourite hike is Kaapsehoop.  Beth’s interests and hobbies are honorary officer at the Pilansberg, birding and she is crazy about the bush.  Beth’s best hiking experience was reaching the top of the chain ladder at Tugela Falls and gazing out over Natal.  Worst hiking experience was crossing a river in flood during a thunderstorm on the Wildcoast hike.  Favourite trail recipe: couscous, sun dried tomatoes and tuna.

Chris Williams is an environmental risk consultant with 22 years with the club.  His interests are everything involved with wildlife.  Chris is an enthusiastic member of the Magaliesberg Protection Association.  Favourite hike was amongst the trees on the Outenique trail.  Best hiking experience was the flowers on the Boland trail and he has never had one worst experience.  Favourite trail recipe: ribs grilled over the braai with a fresh salad.

Christa Medri is self employed and has been with the club since 1996.  Foothold is her favourite hiking venue with Mhlabatini her best hiking experience.  Christa’s worst hiking experience was Peglerae after it had burnt.  Very hot, no water and coming home covered in soot.  Favourite trail recipe:  my own bean and vegetable soup.

Colin Lill has his own computer consumables business.  Joined in 1998 but had been a visitor for many years.   Colin enjoys hiking in woodlands and forest.  No particular hike as long as there are plenty of trees.  He enjoys playing the piano, running and just generally enjoys life.  The best hiking experience was undoubtedly the Otter train, with the forest and sea.  What could possibly be better?  Colin claims the worst hiking experience was when leading a hike in the Drakensberg when the mist came down.  He says they weren’t exactly lost he just didn’t know where they were and he’s not allowed to make any comments about it being a leaders right to get lost.  A typical male fare when it comes to a good hiking meal – toppers and mash, his favourite flavour being Alfredo and cheese.

Dave Richardson has retired but pursues interests of his own.  He joined the club in 2000 and is actively involved in organising hikes as he was a member of the hikes sub committee for several years.  Foothold features highly on Dave’s list of favourite places.  Dave enjoys photography when not involved with JHC matters or looking after his investments.  Dave enjoys Segwati with his worst hiking experience being when he made the mistake of choosing one of Angelo’s fast hikes at Foothold (after not hiking for many years) and realized too late that neither his legs nor his lungs were up to it.  Favourite trail recipe:  Jelly and custard.

Dee Straub is an administrator and joined the club in 1990.  Cedarberg is her favourite hike with climbing the Drakensberg and looking out over Africa as the best hiking experience.  The worst hiking experience was stumbling across a dead cow.  Gardening, pottery, reading and music are her interests and hobbies.  Favourite trail recipe: smash and tuna.

Howard Rayner runs his own company.  He has enjoyed the fantastic years with the club since joining in 1981.  Howard is the president of the JHC.  His favourite hike is undoubtedly Retief’s Kloof with the Fish River Canyon being his best hiking experience.  Interests and hobbies include bridge, birding and travelling.  He claims the worst hiking experience was struggling in the dark in the Drakensberg with a fellow hiker who was beginning to panic.  Favourite trail recipe: smash and re-hydrated vegetables.

Ivan Ginsberg is an environmental consultant/IT recruitment with 8 years as a member of the club.  Favourite hike is Mahai to Mont Aux Sources.  Interests are anything to do with the environment and wildlife, current affairs, reading, tennis, cricket and rugby.  Otter trail is his favourite hiking experience and the worst is when he had to evacuate David Kotzen (fellow JHC member) by helicopter after he was injured doing the Castle Gorge to Foothold traverse.  Tuna casserole made with tuna, rice, veggies and a sauce is Ivan’s favourite trail recipe.

Janet Wooding is an architect and tour guide with only three years with the club.  Castle Gorge is undoubtedly her favourite hike.  Janet’s interests are reading and swimming (she is a Midmar Mile competitor) and most important, spending value time with the kids.  Best hiking experience was Kilimanjaro and no worst hike.  (Janet is also the owner of the most wicked laugh in the business, so listen out!)

Jean Paetzold is ‘minister of home affairs’ and is an ‘oldie’ of the club as she joined in 1981.  Her favourite hike is the Strandlooper.  She enjoys baking, sewing and birding.  Jean’s best club hiking experience was after many hours of back breaking labour laying pipes, being able to turn on a tap and have running water at Foothold.  Worst hiking experience was when Sid Turner had a heart attack and the resulting problems of first aid and getting him back to medical attention.
Favourite trail recipe: tuna and smash.

Jean Williams is retired but in 2003 took over as the administrator of the JHC.  Jean joined the club in 1991 and her favourite hike is the Otter trail.  Jean is passionate about birding, knowledgeable about trees and enjoys music, cooking and teaches paper craft. Jean thoroughly enjoys organising and leading the midweek hikes for the club.  She does not like anything that is wet and cold.  Favourite trail recipe: pasta with mushrooms bacon and cheese (to hell with the calories!).

Jim Arnett enjoys retirement after a career in geology.  He has had ten years with the club and his interests are listening to classical music, reading good books and being handy around the house.  Favourite hike was around and into the volcanic craters on Reunion with hiking around Reunion as the best hiking experience.  Being between Piton de Neige and Belouvre (also Reunion) where there was a muddy and slippery 25km long downhill hike is rated as Jim’s worst hiking experience.  Favourite trail recipe – simple geologist fare, biltong and marie biscuits.

Jim Hutchison is retired and has had 15 delightful years with the club, he joined in 1989.  He is presently the property administrator for the JHC.  Jim’s favourite extended hike was the 5 night Amatola trail with several favourite day hikes, namely, Cedarberg, Boulder, Tonquani Kloof followed by a swim and braai at Mountain Sanctuary.  His interests and hobbies are gardening and the ‘Friends of Foothold’.  Worst hiking experience was the last hour of the day’s climb from Cathedral Peak Hotel to Twin’s Cave, carrying extra water and against a strong wind.  Favour trail recipe: corned beef, onion and pasta with a dash of mampoer.

Ken Middleton runs a building contract company.  He joined the club in 1990 and his favourite hike is Tonquani.  His hobbies include photography and painting (not house!) – exhibits monthly at Zoo Lake Artists-in-the-Sun.  Best hiking experience was Kilimanjaro and he does not have any worst hiking experiences as he loves them all even with a broken leg!!  Favourite trail recipe:  irradiated mutton with dehydrated vegies followed by custard with stewed fruit and cheese and biscuits.

Laurie Podmore describes himself as an entrepreneur who has had experience in many fields of business.  He joined the club in1987 and says his favourite hike is Bartlett’s Farm.  Cooking, scuba diving and entertaining the ladies are his interests and hobbies.  Without doubt his best hiking experience was the Otter Trail with the Port Edward to Port St Johns hike in the rain as his worst hiking experience.  Favourite trail recipe: a special type of stroganoff made with fried onions, tender beef and spices with rice mixed in.

Magui Rayner has retired from being the club administrator and she has had 22 years with the club.  Strandlooper is her favourite hike and the best hiking experience was the Wildcoast South.  Her interests are birding, stamp collecting, gardening, bridge and travelling to wild places.  The first and second days of the Amatola hike she reckons was her worst hiking experience.  She does not have a favourite trail recipe except that two minute noodles are a lifesaver.

Mike McLoughlin is an attorney.  He joined the club in 1996.  Mike is one of those tough customers who thoroughly enjoys the Drakensberg hikes.  His favourite is Fangs.  When interviewed, Mike declined to give a specific interest of hobby but said he thoroughly enjoyed living life to the full!  Best hiking experience was an occasion on Ifidi buttress during which his group used ropes to get passed a difficult section.  On the worst hiking experience Mike subscribes to the philosophy that a bad days hiking is still better than a day in the office and loves them all.  Favourite trail recipe:  Mike does not go in for anything fancy and enjoys anything provided that it is not too heavy to carry up the Berg.

Milly Saffer is retired but has been press ganged to play ‘grannies taxi’ (willingly of course).  She has been with the club since 1978 with her favourite hike being Foothold.  Millie is famous for her catering ability.  She enjoys hiking and is very involved in the Wilderness Leadership School.  Best hiking experience is with true team spirit undoubtedly the Foothold work parties.  Worst hiking experience:  Millie had to be assisted from the top after being struck by lightning while hiking on Elizabeth’s farm.  Favourite trail recipe:  a vegetable potjie at car camps.

Neil Ramsome runs his own engineering company.  He is an ‘oldie’ having joined the club in 1981 and his favourite hike is Cedarberg.  Golf, golf and more golf are his hobbies.  Best hiking experience is strenuous hiking in the Berg.  Witsieshoek – Fangs traverse.  Up the chain ladder, down Fangs, up Icidi and back to the chain ladder.  Neil’s worst hiking experience was Mnweni when it rained.  It took a long time crossing flooded rivers, everything was wet and the hike took an extra day.
Favourite trail recipe:  for lunch, tuna: for dinner, cup of soup, smash and bully beef.

Paul Menge is a sales manager for a large cable company.  He has been a member of the JHC since 1992 and sees ‘leading as being able to give a little something back’.  Paul’s hobbies include bowls, dancing, folk music and food.  Kloof Waters is his favourite hike with the Otter Trail as his best hiking experience.  Paul cannot think of a worst hiking experience (probably there have been occasions when blisters, cold or rain have taken the smile from his normally cheerful face).  Favourite trail recipe:  Paul is a gourmet cook so it is a surprise to learn that he enjoys a simple meal of ‘oats so easy’ and rice krispies.

Paula Brink ‘boss’ in small West Rand engineering company.  She admits to knowing little about the engineering gubbins but certainly knows how thing should be done!  Paula joined the club in 1999.   Paula enjoys all of the Magaliesberg hikes and loves Barlett’s most of all.  In addition to a busy social calendar, Paul manages to stay trim through a combination of horse riding and playing squash (not simultaneously).  Paula’s best hiking experience is the Otter trail.  Worst hiking experience:  as she is fairly petite, Paula has been buffeted and bowled over by strong winds on the snow hike.  Favourite trail recipe:  She is content with sandwiches, especially if they are filled with smoked salmon, onions and avocado.  A touch of lemon juice sets off the feast.

Robbie MacDonald is an engineer.  Joined the club in1997 and his presently vice chairman.  Fountain Gully is his favourite hike with cycling, photography and wind surfing being his hobbies.  Best hiking experience was reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro.  Robbie does not have any worst hiking experience – even a bad hike is better than a day in the office.  Favourite trail recipe: long drop and plash (soya mince and smash!)

Robin Hoare is retired after a successful career in metallurgy.  Since 1990 he has enjoyed both the hiking and social events of the JHC.  Robin’s favourite hike in South Africa is the Drakensberg but he loves the Haute Alpes de Provence in France.  His specialities are bridge, sport, music, gardening, history, wine, women and all night mega-parties.  Best hiking experience:  the trail from Catehdral Peak to Injasuti but overseas the backpacking trips in Provence.  His worst hiking experience was a blizzard encountered on the second day of the coast-to-coast hike in UK.  Favourite trail recipe: baguette with French cheese and wine.

Sandra Atherstone qualified as a therapeutic and diagnostic radiographer but now an accountant’s assistance with an insurance company.   A short 4 years with the club.  Every hike has its own allure.  Hiking is her escape from the cabin fever of living in Johannesburg after previously living in the country.  Her interests are travel, reading, Footnotes, family and completing a list of things still to be achieved.  The conviviality and achievement of the Otter trail is her best hiking experience BUT being dragged straight up Mokabi by a ‘fast’ hike leader press-ganged into leading a slow hike – he thought it was funny to stretch everyone to their limit with more than half the group being lost to the leisure hikers.

Shimon Botbol is the managing director of his own company and has been with the club for about 19 years.  His favourite is any of the Magaliesberg hikes.  Best hike was the Outenique trail with no worst event as he enjoys every experience a hike can throw at him.  He claims work, work, work and add some music as his interests.   Shimon likes to be organised and prepares a tomato and herb past sauce before the hike.  He makes it from scratch boiling tomatoes herbs and oil with maybe a little meat.  On the hike he cooks pasta and heats up the sauce.

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