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Kingdom greets after shocking road ...
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20-22 August 2004
What a great experience!!! 
After a 10km bumpy dirt road, it was a relief to get to the Kingdom camp situated on the bank of the Wilge River.  18 keen hikers arrived at different times and days!!!  3 arrived early on Saturday morning fearing the dirt road in the dark.  Unfortunately, for various reasons, we did not hike as one group but split up into small parties, each going their own chosen route.  Stuart, an 11 year old boy, hiked both days and managed extremely well – mind you kids jump over boulders naturally but adults are a little more cautious.
Hike along the banks of the Wilge and Olifants Rivers (two river crossings), over rugged bouldered hills, through grasslands on fairly well marked paths.  Listen to the familiar distinct call of the Fish Eagle or the shrill whistle of the Oriole, admire the cascading water or the stunning views when on the crest of a hill, the many tree species and shrubbery – all go towards making an enjoyable and memorable hiking experience.  One party spotted a python on the road.
The shorter hike, which most of us did on the Sunday, was as varied as on the previous day.  Beautiful vistas, hike along a dried river bed and through an indigenous forest with trees bursting as spring is in the air.
Both evenings had a relaxed and wonderful hikers atmosphere, with laughter and stories to be told.  Happy hour was a great success: lots of raw vegetables with dips, and other delicious snacks – followed by a braai for all.
Gloria, thank you so much for organising such a super weekend.