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Cut out 'freebies'
Plastic bags
Gone are the ‘plastic bag’ trees which were so abundant in South Africa.
In 2002 legislation was passed that plastic bags must be more than 80 microns thick (the old ‘freebie’ at supermarkets was only 30 microns thick)  These thicker ones are more reusable and they are easier to recycle when the time comes.  In South Africa, recycled bags are used a lot to make big black garbage bags. 
Government has remained strict and have instigated fines for offenders.  Valli Moosa (the then Environmental Affairs and Tourism Minister) commented: ‘the harshness of the penalties demonstrates our desire to send a very tough message to all and sundry.  We have to roll up our sleeves and clean up our country.’
We also had to make a sacrifice in that we had no more free bin bags, no more free instant storage for odds and ends but the end effect should be noticed by all - no more plastic bag trees!!