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They taste so good ...
The bad group are those trees and plants which have been imported into South Africa and which simply do not know how to behave in our environment.  Also known as aliens.

Check out the Department of Agriculture list of aliens.
Link: Department of Agriculture

Who hasn’t gone blackberrying?  The plant is most attractive and the fruit is delicious BUT …
Historically thought to have been brought into be cultivated for their fruit, they have taken to the South African climate and grow prodigiously.  Spread by birds that eat the fruit and deposit the seed away from the mother plant very difficult to eradicate.
Latin name:                 Rubus fruticosus
Common name:           Brambles, Blackberry, Blaberies
Location:                     KwaZulu Natal, Gauteng, Magaliesberg, Mpumalanga and Eastern Cape
Description:                 Leaves variable green grey or white under sides three, five or seven foliate.
Flowers:                       White or pink – September to January
Fruit:                           Red turning black, fleshy glomerules usually juicy
Edible:                         Delicious, but a few to many pips.
Irritant:                        Stems and leaves are all covered in small thorns.
Invades:                       Forest margins, plantations, savanna, roadsides, watercourses, urban open spaces.