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The humble beginnings ...
History of the JHC

The first hike took place on 20 April 1931.
The club was constituted on 30 April 1931 and is one of the oldest such organisations in South Africa.
The first chairman was Dr. Max des Ligneris.† H. J. Barker, who was a shorthand writer at the Law Courts, was the first secretary. †The club's first headquarters was his home.
Several celebrities of the day accepted honorary membership: General Jan Smuts; Mr J Hofmeyer; Sir W. Dalyrimple; Sir Spencer Lister and others.
The club has survived many difficulties in itís over 70 years.† It has a membership of almost 400, probably the largest single group of active hikers in the country.† As well as providing its members with escape from the city confines, it is also very involved with environmental and conservation issues.
In the late 1980ís the club purchased undivided shares in Castle Gorge.
During 1987 the club bought its own property at Foothold in the Magaliesberg.† The erf covers some 44 hectares and measures 1500 metres long by 300 metres wide.† Various additions and improvements have been done over the years, and is an on going project.
During the early 1990ís a youth action group (YAG) was formed but this was short lived.† The club has an Ďageingí membership, so in 2003 youthful hiking emerged and appears to be growing in strength.
In 1995 a decision was taken to employ a half day administrator, in order for the club to function efficiently.

Towards the end of the 20th century the club initiated a website, which was 'refurbished' in 2004.
The meeting venues for Sunday hikes have changed over the years from the Johannesburg Railway Station, The College of Education, Afriflora Nursery†to its present main spot of Constantia Park.
The club's activities include:
Hikes every Sunday;
Back packing lasting between two and eight days;
Camps several times per year;
Youthful hiking,
Club/slide show†evening every second Tuesday of the month, and
A variety of social activities ranging from theatre evenings and dinner dances to indoor cricket and bowling.
The Johannesburg Hiking Club is in a sound financial position with the committee always on the look out to purchase more property in the Magaliesberg.