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Laugh, cry or admire the ...
Odds and ends

This page will be for 'odds and ends' where one can laugh, cry or admire the photos submitted by various members.

Centre of the picture - Bill Wilson who passed away in September 2003. His wife Mary is still a life member. The person with his back in the foreground is Malcolm Wood - Chairman around 1975.

Extreme Right lying on his side is our late President Victor Roberts.

Photo submitted by Mary Candlin. Click for enlargement.

This photograph has the same people as the previous one but Malcolm Wood is now facing forward direction, and Mike Dibb has his arms crossed.

Photo by Mary Candlin. Click for enlargement.

Jessica Subka (one of the youthful hikers) with butterfly wings. Click on photo for enlargement. Photo by Dave Richardson.

Up up and away. Climbing chain ladder at Foothold.

Click on photo for enlargement.  Photo by Dave Richardson.

Trials and tribulations.

Spot the mistake!! Submitted by Mike Stokes and taken whilst on holiday in the Cape at a place called Die Kelder just outside Gansbaai.