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Bug Weed
The bad group are those trees and plants which have been imported into South Africa and which simply do not know how to behave in our environment. Also known as aliens.

Check out the Department of Agriculture list of aliens.
Link: Department of Agriculture

The Bug Weed is particularly bad in the Natal Midlands but is increasingly becoming a problem in the Magaliesberg.
Latin name
IncrSolanu mauritianum
Common name
Bug weed or luisboom
KwaZulu Natal, Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Northern Province
Leaves large (25cm long x 10cm wide) dull green and velvety above, white and felty beneath. Strong smell when bruised.
Flowers (all year) compact, purple terminal clusters on dense felty stalks.
Fruits (all year) 10mm berries in compact clusters. Green turning yellow. Dispersed by birds and bats
Not edible, unripe fruits are poisonous.
Hairy leaves and stems are an irritant to the respiratory tract and skin
Forest margins, plantations, savanna, roadsides, watercourses, urban open spaces.
Invader 1 prohibited and must be controlled
Note: The indigenous selanum Gigantum bark is covered in short spines.