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If you would like to become a leader, please phone the administrator (011 462 2993) so that the appropriate training can be arranged.

This page will constantly be updated as and when leaders, (and other volunteers who involve themselves with the club), send in their photo and relevant info - so watch this space.

Alphabetical order of christian names. Here we have A to I.

Allan Lill is a mechanical engineer who has been involved with the club for more than 23 years.  Blyde River Canyon is his favourite hike with the worst experience being hiking in Suikerbosrand in a hailstorm.  (Not sure whether he was more worried about his head being battered or his car back in the parking lot!!)  His best hiking experience was reaching the top of the Drakensberg for the first time in High School.  Surely many of us can relate to the exhilaration of first cresting those peaks. Reading and hiking are his interests. Royco pasta and sauce is his favourite hiking meal.

Angelo Denicolo is a keen hiker and leads the brisk hikes.  More info once its to hand.

Ann Kenny is the other half to Tom and joins him on all hikes. Joined the club in the late 1990. Ann is a house wife and her hobbies are hiking, gardening, embroidery, reading and movies. She enjoys most hikes because every hike is different. Favourite hiking food is smash, corned beef and dehydrated vegetables.

Bernard Sutton joined the JHC in the mid 1990. He really enjoys getting out into the Magaliesberg.  Bernard's likes and dislikes will be shown once they are to hand.

Beth Hackland is an accountant and joined the club in1990.  Her favourite hike is Kaapsehoop.  Beth’s interests and hobbies are honorary officer at the Pilansberg, birding and she is crazy about the bush.  Beth’s best hiking experience was reaching the top of the chain ladder at Tugela Falls and gazing out over Natal.  Worst hiking experience was crossing a river in flood during a thunderstorm on the Wildcoast hike.  Favourite trail recipe: couscous, sun dried tomatoes and tuna.

Beverly Brockman is a self employed fashion designer. Joined the club in early 2003 and is presently the youthful hiking organiser. Favorite hike is the Fish River Canyon and various favorites in the Drakensberg. There is something about the magical awe and wonder in the mountains. No worst or best hiking experiences just remembering the struggle to get to the top of the Mweni Cutback in threatening weather conditions and minutes before nightfall, to camp near a little stream - the source of the Orange River - an unforgettable experience. Other interests - just being out there, music, cooking, organising and making sure that everyone is having fun. Favorite hiking food - smoked chicken, dried mushrooms, sundried tomatoes and mangetoute peas with any favorite source and 2 minute noodles.

Chris Williams is an environmental risk consultant with 22 years with the club.  His interests are everything involved with wildlife.  Chris is an enthusiastic member of the Magaliesberg Protection Association.  Favourite hike was amongst the trees on the Outenique trail.  Best hiking experience was the flowers on the Boland trail and he has never had one worst experience.  Favourite trail recipe: ribs grilled over the braai with a fresh salad.

Christa Medri is self employed and has been with the club since 1996.  Foothold is her favourite hiking venue with Mhlabatini her best hiking experience.  Christa’s worst hiking experience was Peglerae after it had burnt.  Very hot, no water and coming home covered in soot.  Favourite trail recipe:  my own bean and vegetable soup.

Colin Lill has his own computer consumables business.  Joined in 1998 but had been a visitor for many years.   Colin enjoys hiking in woodlands and forest.  No particular hike as long as there are plenty of trees.  He enjoys playing the piano, running and just generally enjoys life.  The best hiking experience was undoubtedly the Otter trail, with the forest and sea.  What could possibly be better?  Colin claims the worst hiking experience was when leading a hike in the Drakensberg when the mist came down.  He says they weren’t exactly lost he just didn’t know where they were and he’s not allowed to make any comments about it being a leaders right to get lost.  A typical male fare when it comes to a good hiking meal – toppers and mash, his favourite flavour being Alfredo and cheese.

Dave Richardson has retired but pursues interests of his own.  He joined the club in 2000 and is actively involved in organising hikes as he was a member of the hikes sub committee for several years.  Foothold features highly on Dave’s list of favourite places.  Dave enjoys photography when not involved with JHC matters or looking after his investments.  Dave enjoys Segwati with his worst hiking experience being when he made the mistake of choosing one of Angelo’s fast hikes at Foothold (after not hiking for many years) and realized too late that neither his legs nor his lungs were up to it.  Favourite trail recipe:  Jelly and custard.

Dee Straub is an administrator and joined the club in 1990.  Cedarberg is her favourite hike with climbing the Drakensberg and looking out over Africa as the best hiking experience.  The worst hiking experience was stumbling across a dead cow.  Gardening, pottery, reading and music are her interests and hobbies.  Favourite trail recipe: smash and tuna.

George Christian is a fairly recent member to the club and assists Bev Brockman with the youthful hiking.  His likes and dislikes will be inserted soon.

Hans van Rae has been a long standing member of the JHC. His favourite hiking area is around Castle Gorge. More info as soon as possible.

Herman Funk enjoys hiking in Suikersbosrand.  More details about Herman, once they are to hand.

Howard Rayner runs his own company.  He has enjoyed fantastic years with the club since joining in 1981.  Howard is the president of the JHC.  His favourite hike is undoubtedly Retief’s Kloof with the Fish River Canyon being his best hiking experience.  Interests and hobbies include bridge, birding and travelling.  He claims the worst hiking experience was struggling in the dark in the Drakensberg with a fellow hiker who was beginning to panic.  Favourite trail recipe: smash and re-hydrated vegetables.

Ivan Ginsberg is an environmental consultant/IT recruitment with 8 years as a member of the club.  Favourite hike is Mahai to Mont Aux Sources.  Interests are anything to do with the environment and wildlife, current affairs, reading, tennis, cricket and rugby.  Otter trail is his favourite hiking experience and the worst is when he had to evacuate David Kotzen (fellow JHC member) by helicopter after he was injured doing the Castle Gorge to Foothold traverse.  Tuna casserole made with tuna, rice, veggies and a sauce is Ivan’s favourite trail recipe.