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Things to be observed ...
Advice and precautions

On hikes in the Magaliesberg, the temperatures experienced are somewhat hotter than in Johannesburg and can vary considerably during the course of the day.  This can cause heat exhaustion and other exposure problems.  The terrain hiked across is often very rocky with tall grass and there are few footpaths.

Swimming is often possible so pack a swimsuit.

The following basic precautions are recommended:
  • carry a minimum of 2litres of water and drink sufficiently during the hike
  • wear an effective hat
  • use a high UV protection sunscreen lotion
  • carry rain gear and a jersey in both summer and winter – during a thunderstorm the temperature can drop by as much as 10degrees Celsius
  • wear strong suitable footwear that will provide traction and support the ankles (lace tightly)
  • walk with care to prevent injury
  • know who your leader is, and follow him/her.  DO NOT leave the group without the leader’s permission
  • carry a whistle to alert your fellow hikers in case you become separated from the group.