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Wet wipes for the midweekers ...
Walter Sisulu National Botanical Gardens

A recent midweek visit to the Walter Sisulu National Botanical Gardens proved to be most enjoyable.  A group of about fourteen hikers did the walk to the top of the waterfall, then hiked across the ridge as far as we could go, then made our way back towards the gardens.  The timing was particularly good as there were many wild flowers to be seen along the way, including the “bobbejaan stert”, Xerophyth retinervis, which is a sight to see in Spring.  Lilac flowers sprouting out of these dead-looking spikes which jut out of the ground.


Hikers never look too good after a mornings hike (even happens to the midweekers!).  Nevertheless, we made our way to the restaurant afterwards and the Manager, in the nicest possible way of course, shuttled us off to an area set apart from the usual lunch customers.  Even more surprising was when he distributed wet-wipes to all of us, almost before we sat down.  We were all most amused, as were the restaurant staff, and we proceeded to have a really enjoyable lunch.

Jean Williams


Photos by Brian Gordon-Brown.  Click for enlargement.