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You never know when you might need ...
Mountain Search and Rescue


Search and Rescue and first aid at Foothold 26-28 November 2004  

Over the weekend 26-28 November a very good turn out of leaders and members of the JHC was made at the month Foothold camp.   

This was a special weekend as Drs. Theresa and Arthur Morgan gave first hand information and interesting facts about the Mountain Search and Rescue Club and then a demonstration on CRP and talk on first aid in the mountains and general tips about snakes bits, bee stings , hypo(er)thermia, what to do when lightning strikes, etc..  

The talk was estimated to take about 2 hours but it was so interesting and many questions were posed that it went on until ‘happy hour’was ready.  Question after question was asked and then Arthur showed us explicit pictures of rescues on his laptop.    

After a fabulous ‘happy hour’ the heavens opened and we had some really needed rain.  It delayed the stir fry but the closeness was intensified as everybody crowded into Hikers Haven.  The storm moved over and the skies slowly cleared to reveal a full moon.  The stir fry started in earnest with everyone taking what veges and meat they fancied to the hot plate over the braai and each one cooking their own quantities to the required standards.  Great camaraderie was experienced during this process. 

A camp fire was then lit and we enjoyed jolly good conversation relaxing with the warmth of the coals until everyone went their separate ways to bed.   Another storm passed over during the night but this time with strong winds and lots of thunder and lightning.  

Morning arrived and some looked worse than others after a very restless night camping.  After breakfast the Sunday group of hikers arrived and off the five levels of hikers went for what, started to be a cool day but, ended up extremely hot and humid.  The groups were fast, medium plus, medium minus, slow and youthful.  
To end a fabulous weekend, hikers relaxed at Foothold and enjoyed a bring and braai.  

Thanks to all those concerned for a very enjoyable weekend.  

Mountain Search and Rescue provided by the Mountain Club of South Africa.
Johannesburg Section: 011 807 1310 (08h00-10h00)
Magaliesberg Section: 012 345 4586 (08h00-10h00) Mountain rescue emergencies – 011 315 0203