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Not as pristine as it was ...
Kosi Bay 2006

During mid 2006 the JHC experienced adverse conditions on this trail.  Please read the following comments:

Dear Leverne,


Just to follow up the info you gave us on the Kosi Bay trail.


I did thank you most sincerely for taking the time and trouble to update me on the manner in which the locals are running the trail.  I ensured that we 8 hikers knew what we could expect.  All hikers wanted to proceed but appreciated the warnings.


We did the trail and have returned safely, but confirm what you say.  You did not exaggerate the situation.  Two camps have been burnt down and so after the base camp, we hiked to Banga Nek by the sea and stayed there for 3 nights.  We turned the hike into what we could get out of it, namely a rest by the delightful sea.  We did see the raffia palms and the Palm Nut Vulture and crossed a river on a raffia raft.  A delightful place.  Then spent the last night, as an unscheduled stop, back at base camp, sharing this with 2 families.  We ran out of water twice.  Not a good experience although personally, I had water in my 4x4 which I mostly shared out. 


Overall, because of your timely warnings, we were prepared and thoroughly enjoyed the "differentness" of it all.  No evidence of racial tension or in-tribal fighting was seen.  But we were told that the burnt down camps are the result of local marauding tribes.  The authorities with whom we dealt are making representations to government for funding to restore the camps but we felt that this would not happen in the near future and could not see how the camps would be protected once restored.


No doubt about it, the former Kosi Bay trail is not what it used to be.


Many thanks again for your input and

With kind regards

Ron White