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A jewel of the Magaliesberg
Retiefs Kloof

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Access to this private property is restricted to members of the Retief's Kloof Society, administered by the Wild Life Society, and their guests. The JHC is fortunate in that two of its members are also members of this Society. We hike under the strict adherance to the membership rules governing Retiefs Kloof.

One of the most beautiful and secluded treasure spots in the Magaliesberg, is the waterfall at Retiefs Kloof.  Only 100feet in height, the rock face and its surroundings provide a tranquil sanctuary for different species of ferns and trees.
The thick vegetation creates an atmosphere of peculiar enchantment, which seems to flourish all year round.
When in full flow, water plummets down like a silvery white-pillar into an image reflecting pool that is bedded with quartzite pebbles and surrounded by forest.
After flowing through a heavily wooded area, water cascades into a succession of smooth dolomite rock pools that have been sculptured through time immemorial.
Even the surrounding rock formations appear extraordinarily clean and smooth to the point of being bizarre.
Nature lovers always make a point of coming back again and again to rediscover the pleasurable sights and the wonderful swimming opportunities on offer.