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The Johannesburg Hiking Club utilises as many different hiking trails in South Africa as possible in order to provide an extensive and motivating programme.  

SUNDAY HIKES: Most of the Sunday hikes take place in the Magaliesberg, a very interesting and attractive range. Most venues are inaccessible, except on foot. In order to make the programme as diverse and interesting as it is, many Sunday hiking trails are on private property, where the JHC obtains permission.

Every month there are Sunday hikes at Foothold and Castle Gorge as the club owns part/whole of these properties.  Don't for a minute think that you will hike the same route each month.  Our dedicated leaders have their own ideas and believe that 'variety is the spice of life'.  

Most hikes are not on dedicated paths but over rough terrain where one rambles, scrambles or bundu bashes to follow the leader.  When you get home and relax in a hot bath or enjoy a shower, the feeling of achievement and satisfaction flows over you, which makes it all worthwhile.

The pages which follow, give one a little insight into what to expect in order that the outing will be more enjoyable.  Most of the view points are from competent hikers but are by no means 'concrete' as the hike leaders are at liberty to take the trail which they feel will be enjoyed the most for the rated hike they are leading.

AWAY HIKES: These are categorised into the various provinces and are listed in alphabetical order of trails. There are numerous South African hiking trails and we are endeavouring to detail as many as we can.

This section of the web will be updated on a regular basis, as and when new hikes are undertaken and/or members submit their view points on the various hiking trails in South Africa.